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Nesbit Law Group: a medical law practice assisting both doctors and patients.

Mission Statement: Our goal at Nesbit Law Group is to assist our clients with uncommon courtesy, fearless dedication to just outcomes, and a level of personal responsiveness that makes us proud to be of service. We strive to focus on the issues of your case and work as your partner and guardian, so you can be assured of the best possible outcome.

Experience: Our award-winning legal expertise comes from decades of taking on complex and difficult cases against large corporations, and through dedication and tenacity settling claims far exceeding our firm’s relative size. Nesbit Law Group has successfully challenged large medical insurers and personal injury practices, protecting individuals and business owners, and ensuring that justice is served with appropriate settlements for our clients.

Communication: When you are a client with Nesbit Law Group, your claim is handled personally by the firm’s principal, Alan Nesbit. When you call or email, Alan answers. Alan prides himself on timely communications with his clients, responding in as little as an hour, if not immediately to your requests for information or assistance. Alan’s exceptional skill in thoroughly explaining all facets of the complaint and claims process ensures that you will be an informed and prepared plaintiff in your claim.

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Alan Nesbit, Principal

Alan Nesbit, Principal

Los Angeles Attorney at Law

Over 20 years of experience

 Alan Nesbit founded Nesbit Law Group, LLP in Manchester, England in 2003. He worked on both claimant and defendant insurance sides with various practices, and now spends his time managing and driving forward Nesbit Law Group US LLP, which has an office in Beverly Hills, California. 

In the UK, Alan specialized in defending allegations of fraud from a claimant perspective, compliance and car rentals. Earlier in his career, he helped auto rental companies to join ABI GTA when it first started and monitored developments in the industry and assisted rental companies at all levels of their operations.

Since moving to California in 2016, Alan has qualified as a California Attorney and grown the US practice to specialize in personal Injury and recoveries on liens for medical providers against PI attorneys. Alan also represents out of network medical providers who carry out emergency services but are then underpaid or not paid at all by big medical insurance companies.

Alan showed great understanding of the personal injury process and fought to cover all my expenses and then some.  I highly recommend Nesbit Law Group!

YK, Los Angeles


I’ve never hired a lawyer in my life, and the prospect of doing so was, frankly, terrifying. Right from the start, Alan was clear and generous with his time and opinion.

EA, Los Angeles


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Nesbit Law Group is a Los Angeles medical specialty law firm which helps physicians negotiate unpaid fees with insurers and obtain settlements for unpaid bills, and assists individuals and businesses in recovering damages due to accidents, malpractice, tortious misconduct and other areas of injury law. Alan Nesbit is the founder and principal attorney.


What To Do If You Have An Accident At Work?

Businesses must follow a minimum level of workplace safety regulation before you can work for them. If your employer does not comply with these regulations and you are injured, you may be entitled to make a claim for damages.


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