If you have fallen while walking along your local street or sidewalk and suffered an injury, your time is probably now spent having to go to hospital or doctors, which should be your first priority. If you then consider filing a claim against the city, what will you need?

First, you will need very good photographs showing the depth of the hole or raised paving slab, which needs to be a minimum of 1 inch.  If you tripped in the road, the measurement needs to be a minimum of 1.5 inches. The photographs need to show the surrounding area in context, as well as the depth or height of that defect, as this can show the area has not been inspected or that the inspection was inadequate.

The city street department may have a defense if they can show that they regularly inspect the area. Witnesses who can say that they have known the hole or raised paving slab has been there for a significant period of time are extremely valuable in defeating this defense.

Finally, you must be able to recount how you fell, what caused the fall, where you fell, and when you fell. We can assist you with this. If you have had a fall or trip accident, you may contact us at Nesbit Law Group: (424) 279-0493, or email [email protected]

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