A long-running claim recently took a massive step towards settlement after great work from Independent Accident Investigations Limited. 

Nesbit Law Group was instructed to act on behalf of a minor plaintiff, who incurred severe injuries to the lower limbs in late 2000 as a result of a local authority leaving building materials unsecured. 

At the time of the incident, the plaintiff was four years old, clear facts were thin on the ground, and therefore, while statements were acquired from the litigation friend (an adult representing the interests of a plaintiff minor in court) and plaintiff, the site report was a key part of the investigation. 

The defendant put the plaintiff to strict proof, and were clearly of the opinion that facts were going to be very hard to come by in the circumstances. 

Thankfully, Independent Accident Investigations provided a thorough and detailed site report, which gave the Nesbit Law Group file-handler the ability to pressure the defendant into a concession on liability. 

This is yet another vindication of Nesbit Law Group’s decision to look beyond the initial problems that this particular claim presented, in order to give the plaintiff the best possible chance of recovering damages after their accident. 

In contrast to the earlier posts, the attitude of the insurers should be praised in respect of this claim; their attitude to negotiating liability reflected a willingness to deal openly and sensibly to avoid incurring unnecessary time and costs on both sides. 

Establishing liability in difficult circumstances, such as those discussed above, is yet another example of Nesbit Law Group successfully putting specialist working knowledge, time and funds into pursuing claims where a positive outcome would be unlikely without such effort. 

Thanks to Independent Accident Investigations who played an important role in acquiring evidence; drafting the site report, which involved ascertaining the historic nature of the accident location, testing the litigation friend and plaintiff on their evidence, then undertaking the legwork preparing reports and statements. 

It is clear that without the evidence provided by Independent Accident Investigations, there would have been much less of a chance for the file-handler to negotiate with the defendant. 

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