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Nesbit Law Group is a Los Angeles-based law firm that represents individuals, businesses and doctors’ practices throughout California. We are dedicated to helping injury victims and their families rebuild their lives after serious accidents. We also help ensure that medical practitioners receive proper compensation for lien medical services following patient accidents and emergent out-of-network treatments they perform but are not properly compensated for.

Assertive and results-driven, we work tirelessly to help our clients get the compensation they deserve. Our goal is always to settle cases swiftly whenever we can do so in a client’s best interest. However, we have years of trial experience and will not hesitate to take your case to court if that is what it takes to get the correct results for you.

When I was anxious and stressed due to my car accident, Alan was patient and willing to answer any questions I had. Alan showed great understanding of the personal injury process and fought to cover all my expenses and then some. Throughout this process, my stress was eliminated and any confusion I did have was quickly addressed, giving me peace of mind. I highly recommend Nesbit Law Group!

—YK, Personal Injury client

Case Law is the same everywhere. Lawyers are not.

Most people who think about Personal Injury attorneys have a picture in their minds, fostered by bad jokes and television dramas: the ambulance-chasers, the get-rich quick scammers, the guys who lie and cheat to get their questionable clients money. And yes, there are P.I. attorneys who are unethical, sleazy and disreputable. We are not those lawyers.

Personal injury law, at its heart, is the practice of helping the injured and disabled recover from their traumas, pay their bills and get back to normal life. A good personal injury attorney takes great pride in his or her work because successfully settling a claim can substantially improve a plaintiff’s life. This is what we do at Nesbit Law Group.

 Our job is to discover the facts, build a provable, compelling case, and go to bat for you. We do not shy away from tackling big insurers, negligent corporations, or others that, through no fault of your own, have caused you harm. Nesbit Law Group looks out for you.

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  • We offer free, no-obligation case evaluations.
  • We will fight to get you every penny you deserve.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience.
  • We will not charge attorney’s fees unless we win compensation for you.

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Nesbit Law Group is a Los Angeles medical specialty law firm which helps physicians negotiate unpaid fees with insurers and obtain settlements for unpaid bills, and assists individuals and businesses in recovering damages due to accidents, malpractice, tortious misconduct and other areas of injury law. Alan Nesbit is the founder and principal attorney.


What To Do If You Have An Accident At Work?

Businesses must follow a minimum level of workplace safety regulation before you can work for them. If your employer does not comply with these regulations and you are injured, you may be entitled to make a claim for damages.


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