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Recovering medical liens after claims are settled


Timely payment of medical liens and emergent care claims has become an industry-wide problem; too many providers are not being compensated for their work in a fair and timely fashion, personal injury attorneys can themselves be roadblocks to equitable settlements, and practices can easily become overwhelmed by non-medical work that interferes with efficient office management and cash flow. 

A new field of legal practice can help you overcome this problem by directly addressing the inequities and abuses rampant in PI medical lien situations and emergent out-of-network fee recovery.

If you are a medical practice that carries out Emergency Services, but you are struggling to collect your reasonable billed charges from the Out-Of-Network Medical Insurers you are billing, Nesbit Law Group can help.



  • Many medical providers are not compensated in a fair and timely fashion
  • Nesbit Law Group can negotiate far better results than individual doctors

  • Your practice no longer wastes time and resources to recover fair settlements.
  • You concentrate on what you do best—providing excellent medical care to your patients

Personal Injury Lien Recovery Lawsuits: a growing problem

For too long, unethical personal injury attorneys have been taking advantage of medical practitioners by forcing them to accept lowball payments for their services, failing to disclose the results of patient case settlements, and often simply refusing to take funds from their clients’ settlements to pay for the provided services at all.

Many of these attorneys bully providers simply because they are in a position to withhold payments for these medical liens. This unfair treatment can be remedied with a relatively new form of legal assistance; the services of a fee recovery and settlement law firm such as Nesbit Law Group.

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With legal intervention, much better outcomes

 Allowing us to take over lien accounts on your behalf lets our experts handle your claim, counter and rebut opposing attorneys’ arguments, and negotiate on your behalf for far more equitable settlements than you could expect to receive on your own.

We do the followup calls, the emailings, and chasing down these often-unresponsive attorneys for status updates, settlement or trial results, and positioning your claim for the best possible results when payment arrangements are finalized.

And we only get paid for our intervention when you receive your settlement. We will also represent you in an Interpleader, or will file affirmative actions if required.



Nesbit Law Group: your partner in billing disputes and resolutions

The ultimate benefit is that your practice no longer needs to waste time and resources, endure the stress of uncertain cash flow, or worry about your legal standing to recover fair treatment fees.

You and your staff  can concentrate on what you do best: providing excellent medical care to your patients and working with the personal injury firms that best steer profitable business to your practice.


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Case Study: Dr. Ryan S., md

“We felt like we were banging our heads against a brick wall until Alan presented the options to us in a concise and easy to understand manner. He quickly obtained some money for us and then was able to negotiate an excellent settlement after filing suit. At all times I felt fully informed and confident that we would come out with a great result and be properly compensated for the difficult and lengthy surgery that I needed to perform to save the patient’s life. The amount I received exceeded my current fee structure for the same procedures which was a fantastic result.” 

Failure to pay any of the six-figure fees to out-of-network Plastic Surgeon for lengthy emergency surgery.

Our client, a plastic surgeon, was on call to an HMO Hospital ER department. He performed life-saving surgery on a patient and billed the HMO $285,000, but the HMO offered him $0 due to “billing discrepancies.” The doctor’s billing company made significant attempts to resolve the dispute to no avail, and finally the surgeon engaged Nesbit Law Group to assist. After only a single correspondence, the HMO sent us a check for over $50,000.

While encouraging, this was simply not sufficient, so we filed suit on the doctor’s behalf. A further $125,000 was negotiated before we even completed discovery. The issue was complicated because the surgeon had, subsequent to the billing in this case, dropped his entire fee structure by 50%, and there were also potential statute of limitation problems that were expertly set aside. The client was extremely pleased at the result of our interventions.


If your practice has outstanding invoices and you can’t recover them, we can help.

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Nesbit Law Group is a Los Angeles medical specialty law firm which helps physicians negotiate unpaid fees with insurers and obtain settlements for unpaid bills, and assists individuals and businesses in recovering damages due to accidents, malpractice, tortious misconduct and other areas of injury law. Alan Nesbit is the founder and principal attorney.


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