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When I was anxious and stressed due to my car accident, Alan was patient and willing to answer any questions I had. Alan showed great understanding of the personal injury process and fought to cover all my expenses, and then some. Throughout this process, my stress was eliminated and any confusion I did have was quickly addressed, giving me peace of mind. I highly recommend Nesbit Law Group!

YK, Los Angeles

Personal Injury Client

Before having the opportunity to use NLG’s services, my company was only able to take a medical provider’s lien recovery claim so far. Now, having someone to advocate in court has proven invaluable, and the company’s clients are benefitting greatly having expert legal counsel available to respond to interpleaders filed by attorneys, or to file affirmative actions against the law firms when necessary. 

Michael Coates

President, Medical Lien Recovery

I’ve never hired a lawyer in my life, and the prospect of doing so when the company I worked for failed to pay me six months’ wages was, frankly, terrifying. You hear horror stories about lawyers charging a fortune, or hidden costs that come up afterwards. I felt totally out of my depth. Alan has completely shattered that perception for me!

Right from the start he was up front, clear and generous with his time and opinions. He held my hand through the whole process and was completely transparent about fees/costs, and explained to me what each bit of legal jargon meant as we went along. Best of all, he got the company that owed me to pay up in full. When I cross-referenced his fee offer with the city free legal advice people, it reinforced that he was giving me a great deal. I can’t recommend Alan enough!

EA, Los Angeles

Personal Injury Client

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Alan Nesbit successfully helped me get settlements after two Los Angeles car incidents where people hit my car. Alan is really communicative and honest. He’s the exact opposite of all the generally-dodgy West Coast injury attorneys who confuse you with jargon, making everything twice as confusing as it needs to be—often using shady back-handed tactics—so they get paid more. I really recommend using Alan’s legal services over any of the over-advertised L.A. accident attorneys. He’s really trustworthy, which is a rare quality in this industry.

NR, Los Angeles

Personal Injury Client

We felt like we were banging our heads against a brick wall until Alan presented the options to us in a concise and easy to understand manner. He quickly obtained some money for us, and then was able to negotiate an excellent settlement after filing suit. At all times, I felt fully informed and confident that we would come out with a great result, and be properly compensated for the difficult and lengthy surgery that I needed to perform to save the patient’s life. The amount I received exceeded my current fee structure for the same procedures, which was a fantastic result.

Dr. Ryan S.

Fee Recovery Client

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Nesbit Law Group is a Los Angeles medical specialty law firm which helps physicians negotiate unpaid fees with insurers and obtain settlements for unpaid bills, and assists individuals and businesses in recovering damages due to accidents, malpractice, tortious misconduct and other areas of injury law. Alan Nesbit is the founder and principal attorney.


What To Do If You Have An Accident At Work?

Businesses must follow a minimum level of workplace safety regulation before you can work for them. If your employer does not comply with these regulations and you are injured, you may be entitled to make a claim for damages.


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